Publish your software solutions to the Azure Marketplace quickly & easily

Time is money—avoid spending months on development.
Let Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE construct and launch your Azure app for you in mere minutes.

Save Time & Money

Reach your customers faster and at a much lower cost, start focusing on your go-to-market instead of technical issues.
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Boost Your International Presence

Start targeting your customers in any geography by their native language in minutes.
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Use Expertly Designed Templates

Don't start from scratch. There is a quickstart template for any key scenario.
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Get Peace of Mind

Stop wasting time chasing down technical issues. Using Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE, your offer is guaranteed to be error-free before you publish.
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What do we do?

We help software vendors showcase their premier software products on a global scale by simplifying the process of publishing their solutions to the Azure Marketplace.

The quicker you publish, the faster it will be accessible by millions of Microsoft customers worldwide.

TIME is MONEY: Don't spend months building your solution. Let Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE build it and deploy it for you in MINUTES by leveraging our Quickstart Templates.

Maestro Studio Visual Designer
Say NO to wasting TIME and MONEY!

Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE will help you build and publish your Azure Application in less than a day1 or your money back.

Check out our offers on the Azure Marketplace—they were all built with Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE.
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Who is Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE For?

Independent Software Vendors

ISVs/GISVs can create Technical Assets (custom UI & pre-built ARM Templates) to publish their software solutions to the Azure Marketplace as Azure Applications (Solution Templates or Managed Apps) or internally to Service Catalog

Managed Service Providers

MSPs can easily and quickly create Technical Assets for the publishing & support of their customers' products as Azure Applications

System Integrators

SIs and GSIs can easily and quickly create Technical Assets so they can build & deploy customers' Azure Applications to the Azure Marketplace

Why Get Maestro Studio Ensemble?

Do You Have Limited Time & Budget?

If you answered yes, then you definitely need Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE to get to market fast and on budget.

The truth is no one has a large budget and unlimited time to publish their software solutions to cloud marketplaces. And your competition is not sitting and waiting—they're already moving fast to go to market.

Use Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE to:

  • Free up precious development resources for more critical work.
  • Reduce risk to project timelines by eliminating the app publishing nightmare.
  • Diagnose and repair broken/stale marketplace offers in minutes.
  • Leverage iterative, real-time publishing cycles.
  • Beat your competition to market faster than you ever imagined.

Start saving time and money the minute you launch Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE. Get started with a Free Trial today, and see for yourself how you'll be able to beat your competition to market.

  • Time Savings

    Save up to 95%2 on the time it takes to build and publish an Azure Application compared to the current approach and tools.

  • Money Savings

    It costs at least double3 to build your Azure Application using the current processes and tools. Building it cheaper usually involves a compromise on the quality of the result.

  • No Experience Required

    Come as you are. Citizen developers with little or no experience with JSON usually fare pretty well.

  • Peace of Mind

    You get 100% peace of mind. Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE guarantees you always have valid technical assets.4

Try ENSEMBLE for Free!

Try risk-free for 14 days and see how quickly you can increase your ROI by getting to market at a fraction of the time and cost2,3, and way before your competitors, and focus on your GTM motion and on generating revenue.

You don't need to be an expert—any citizen developer can build an Azure Application in minutes!5
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In addition to helping you save up to 95%2 on the time it takes to build, test, and publish, and on top of that get error-free offers3 without breaking the bank, ENSEMBLE packs many productivity tools and features to ensure your journey to publishing your software solution to the Azure Marketplace is efficient, painless and productive.
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Maestro Studio

  • Build Azure Applications in minutes
  • No developer background/experience required
  • Utilize carefully picked quickstart templates
  • Your Azure Application is error-free, guaranteed!
  • Leverage end-to-end visual design/test/publish
  • Increase your market reach globally with multilingual offers
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Footnotes & disclaimers
  1. Build & publish in less than a day: This includes the creation and deployment of the Technical Assets (createUiDefinition.json, mainTemplate.json, and optionally viewDefinition.json for Managed Applications). NOTE: If you follow the current process recommended by Microsoft, this task can take between 3 and 6 months (based on Microsoft-provided data). Say NO to wasting TIME and MONEY!
  2. Time savings of up to 95%: This does not include the time it takes the offer to go through the Azure Marketplace pipeline, including queue wait time and time waiting for the manual approval in the process when going live, and it also does not include time spent going back and forth with the Azure Marketplace certification team for issues not related to the Technical Assets (for example: copy text or image/video issues). The percentage is based on the average time it takes to complete an offer from inception to going live to the Azure Marketplace, which is about 6 months on average based on data from the Azure Marketplace team and others at Microsoft including our own personal experience, the time savings can actually exceed 95% (i.e. taking around 1 week of work), depending on the complexity of the Azure Application. For example, it took our team a couple of days to finish our first Azure Application offer, and it took another day to go through the certifcation team's queue wait time (certification only takes place during week days, and the certification team is based in India, so always take into account the start of the day is not in your local time zone).
  3. 50% cost savings: On average, when utilizing a good, professional System Integrator (SI) to build the Azure Application for you, it can cost around $10,000. Lower rates can be found, but the quality of the resulting work usually suffers considerably, not to mention that none of the SIs can guarantee error-free Technical Assets—we can!
  4. Guaranteed error free: Even when utilizing the best and most experienced SIs to build your Azure Application for you, we've seen that there are logical errors (see these videos for real/live examples) in the resulting Azure Application that can only be discovered if the application is tested end-to-end, trying all paths and permutations. Doing this manually takes a lot of time, and most SIs (or developers) won't—or don't have the time to—do that. Maestro Studio ENSEMBLE compiles expressions in order to discover logical errors, thus guaranteeing error-free Azure Applications even when not thoroughly tested.
  5. Citizen developers can finish in minutes: A citizen developer is someone who has a basic understanding of the Azure Makretplace (as a user, not developer), knows enough about their software product and knows how to design a UI using drag-and-drop. Citizen developers don't have an expert knowledge in the JSON format, but know how to build logical expressions (for example, calling functions to concatenate strings, add numbers) and can compose such expressions using a visual drag-and-drop UI effortlessly. For a typical citizen developer, it can take mere minutes to get an offer built, tested, and ready to publish (assuming the other aspects of an offer are ready, like marketing copy text, pricing, etc) when using one of the built-in quickstart templates. This can be verified by checking out our How-To videos on YouTube.